Copy of Purple Reign

  • Mix and match any Pops toíëí_í«Œ‚íëí__create stylish new looks for your case. It's one case with endless possibilities!

    This look includes:íëí_í«Œ‚íëí__

    • The Classic case in Purple for iPhone 5 or 4/4S
    • (13) Misc Dome Pops In silver plated bezels (Glitter,Jordan,Sophie,Super Luck, Super Luck Pastel,Explosion,Harrison,Purple Lips,Purple Houndstooth,Purple Chevron)
    • (1)íëí_í«Œ‚íëí__Silver plated Skull Pops with Purple Swarovski eyes
    • (1) Silver plated Pyramid Pops

      **Every caseíëí_í«Œ‚íëí__comesíëí_í«Œ‚íëí__with a complimentary microfiber jewelry pouch for storing extra Pops and aíëí_í«Œ‚íëí__Casepops keychain made for unlocking your case.
    • Snap-on slim lightweight silhouette
    • Double-sided protection
    • Patented locking design to secure Pops
    • Snap-on case made of lightweight durable polycarbonate plastic.íëí_í«Œ‚íëí__
    • Wrap-around raised front rim for additional screen protection.íëí_í«Œ‚íëí__
    • Concealed patented sliding lock to secure Pops.íëí_í«Œ‚íëí__
    • Black flash-ring to prevent color flare when taking flash photos and video.íëí_í«Œ‚íëí__
    • Full access to all iPhone features (e.g. buttons, microphone, cameras and ports.)
    • Matte finish.íëí_í«Œ‚íëí__
    • Securely fits iPhone 5 and 4/S
    • Measures approx. 2.37" x 5" x 0.53"
  • How it works
    1. Snap your phone into the case.
    2. Use Casepops keychain or any similar item to unlock your case.
    3. Press in your Pops, then lock your case.
    4. HAVE FUN!

    How it works

    How to remove your phone


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