Casepops is an innovative new line of customizable cases with changeable phone charms called Pops!  You can mix and match the silver and 18k gold plated Pops to give your phone a whole new look without ever having to take it out of the case! Casepops is a company with big ideas about the future of case customization and personal style.

The concept for Casepops sprang in 2011 during a road trip brainstorming session between partners Brit Green and Gabe Roth. Frustrated with the lack of tech-styling options, they channeled their lifelong obsession with fashion and design to develop a new breed of stylish, high-quality, affordable cases.

“Gabe and I created Casepops to give people the opportunity to express their individual style in a fun and easy way by decorating the ultimate accessory, their phone case. We want our customers to enjoy the experience of creating cool new looks all the time!” – Brit Green, co-founder

Casepops cases and Pops are designed and manufactured in the USA with the headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA and satellite office in Akron, OH. 

We want to know what inspires you?  Send us an email and share your feedback at hello@casepops.com

We can't wait to see how you POP! 

                   Brit Green, Co-Founder                      Gabe Roth, Co-Founder