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In the beginning…

The concept for Casepops® sprang from a fortuitous brainstorming session between co-founders, Brittany Green and Gabriel Roth. Frustrated with the lack of tech-styling options, Brittany and Gabe joined forces and channeled their lifelong obsession with fashion and design to develop a new breed of stylish, high-quality, affordable case designs.

“Brittany and I created Casepops to give people the opportunity to express their individual style in a fun and easy way by decorating something as universal and ubiquitous as a smartphone. ” – Gabe Roth, co-founder

Two years and thousands of brainstorming sessions later, Brittany and Gabe are ready to share their patented creation with the world! What was once a combination of ideas floating around the office is now a refined collection of “Pops” and cases, inspired by cutting-edge trends and timeless style.

Casepops cases and Pops are designed and manufactured in the USA with the headquarters stationed in Pittsburgh, PA and satellite offices in Akron, OH and New York City, NY.