Summer Fashion: Who Wears Short Shorts?

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Now that we’ve passed the July 4th mark, it really feels like summer. We love these long, hot days, but Pittsburgh in July can sometimes be unbearable. Luckily we’re noticing lots of short shorts and flow-y tops in summer fashion this season. What is a constant trend in Japan (think Harajuku girls) seems to have traveled the seas and landed in the US (thankfully, minus the rest of the crazy outfit).

From Japan:








To the US:

The Cherry Blossom Girl (@AlixCherry) classes up cut-off jean shorts with a cool white blouse and a gorgeous LV bag.  (And how fitting, cherry blossoms are a favorite in Japan :)

See more summer fashion photos at The Cherry Blossom Girl here.

Damsel in Dior (@imjustjacey) takes the look to the beach with a loose tank and great sandals.

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And, Chictopia (@chictopia) features, of all things, “From Japan Shorts!”  Check it out.

Finally, just for fun:

[caption id="attachment_355" align="aligncenter" width="500"] “1950 Japan. Gym Shorts.” Posted by lalaviolin on Flickr.[/caption]

We couldn’t resist ;)

Seeing other summer fashion trends to keep cool? Let us know - we’re melting here! Plus, we always love a fresh perspective.

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