#NewPopWed TWEET TO WIN Contest

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Win an iPhone case filled with our hot, NEW faceted spike pops!

You expressed your love for our newest POPS, so we have decided to share the love. Give your phone a cutting-edge elegance with our NEW fabulously faceted spikes. Better yet, win a free case by entering our TWEET TO WIN contest!

Entering this contest is super simple. Just click here and then click on the tweet button below the image. The tweet is already written for you! All you have to do is share it.

The winner of the contest will be announced on Wednesday, October 30th on our Facebook Page


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Welcome to the #POPsquad, CASEPOPS Lovers!

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We have created a unique hashtag just for you, #POPsquad!


This hashtag will allow you to engage with us as well as other CASEPOPS fans. You will also be able to easily follow conversations and upcoming contests we will be having!


Whether you are an edgy fashionista or a classy girly girl, we want you to join the #POPsquad. This is a chance for our fans to express their love for our innovative line of phone cases, while also sharing their personal style and passion for fashion.


#POPsquad is a fun way that our followers can be grouped together. So lets channel our fabulousness and start tagging our posts with #POPsquad!



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Apple 2012 New Product Round-Up

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New Apple Product Round-Up

In case you haven't been able to keep up, Apple has announced TEN refreshed products since September. Here's our Apple 2012 new product round-up, including the iPhone 5 and latest iPad mini. It's kind of overwhelming, but we need to keep you up-to-date!

At Casepops, we love iPhones, and we've actually already spoken about the iPhone 5 vs. the older iPhone 4 and 4S. But what about all of the nine other products that have been announced recently? They deserve some attention too! Take a look at the chart below from Wikipedia's timeline of apple products if you don't believe that there were actually that many introduced! We forgive you if you forgot about the Mac Mini.

[caption id="attachment_1825" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Timeline of Apple Inc. products   Casepops So many Apple products![/caption]

So, iPhone 5 aside, what else is worth pointing out about Apple's latest release schedule? You might see another iPad in the mix there, and that's a new one! Even though Apple recently released the 3rd generation iPad, at its latest conference it also surprisingly let the public know about an even better, more advanced iPad. As ABC Australia reports, Apple has essentially made the 3rd generation iPad "obsolete":

...One of the few surprises to come out of the launch was the news that Apple would indeed make the six-month old 3rd generation iPad the redundant model; alongside the iPad Mini and 4th generation LTE capable iPad, the iPad 2 survives as a budget model, but not the 3rd generation model.

iPad mini

With the announcement of the much anticipated iPad Mini, this news kind of slipped under the radar for many casual consumers. But, surely, the ones who purchased an iPad 3 noticed.

The iPad Mini comes into play seemingly to rival what many Android-based tablets are doing: power in a small form factor. Bigger than a smartphone, but smaller than a laptop, mid-sized tablets have been on fire lately. So, it makes sense that Apple would try to enter the space with another beautifully designed product.

What else? Another announcement that seemed to be drowned-out by the iPhone and iPad Mini announcements was the news that Apple would be refreshing the now classic iMac line of desktop computers. The release images were jaw-dropping. Shot at such an angle, the pictures show off the amazing engineering feats Apple was able to pull off. At its thinnest, the new iMac is only 5mm thin! It's almost scary.

New iMac is 5mm thin on edge

Additionally, the classic Macbook has been refreshed to include a Retina screen, bringing the once "standard" laptop up into the more premium "pro" feature set. As Apple says in their new commercials, with the new line-up they "want to bring out the Pro in all of us."

Something mentioned earlier, the Mac Mini, has always been an intriguing product. It has never seemed to reach "mainstream" appeal, but at the same time, it seems so innovative and potentially awesome. It's just under-appreciated. Sure, the Mac Mini might not have all the marketing hype behind it that the iPhone has, but it's still a great product and it is nice to see Apple continuing to innovate. The newest one won't disappoint anyone looking for power in an extremely compact and versatile form factor.

Apple Mac Mini

Oh yeah, how could we forget. There are new iPods too! The product that put Apple in the homes of millions has a new look and we love it. Both the iPod Touch and iPod Nano have been redesigned this year, with the Touch looking more and more like an iPhone (and acting like one too). Some observant people called out that the new Nano looks a lot like an mp3 player from 2007, and while we can't disagree, it's good to see that Apple is providing different style options for its fans. Not everyone wants something that looks like an iPhone.

New iPod touch and Nano 2012

If you need a detailed compairson, take a look at CNET's side by side comparison of the new iPod Touch and iPod Nano.

Phew, that was a lot. Hopefully, that sums up Apple's new products briefly enough to make sense of it all. Remember, we love iPhones and Apple products here at Casepops, so never hesitate to ask for our opinion on the latest!

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iPhone 4 or iPhone 5?

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The next iPhone is here. After teasing us with the iPhone 4S last year, Apple's next true iteration finally arrived earlier this month, and we couldn't be more excited! With the iPhone 5, Apple has pushed design and functionality to the absolute forefront. Previously, we've spoken about how Apple designed perfection with the iPhone. They've tinkered, fiddled, stretched, and compacted the iPhone 4's iconic design into something even more beautiful.

So, should you get the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5? Let's take an in depth look at what makes the iPhone 5 different than the iPhone 4S and 4 that preceded it. Are the changes in the newest phone as drastic as they could have been? Probably not. But hey, at this point, with the iPhone 5, Apple is simply refining an already refined device.


iPhone 5 vs 4S vs 4 comparison chart

The most apparent difference between the iPhone 4 and 5 is, of course, the elongated screen and overall body shape. In order to compete with phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 that have huge screens, Apple stretched their traditional screen size. We have to say, it was a necessary improvement, and I'm sure users will welcome the added screen space. On the surface, you'll also notice Apple's update iOS6 operating system. After adding a handful of improvements and design tweaks, the version of iOS remains speedy and intuitive, something that made it such a hit in the first place.

Additionally, they've added a zippier new processor and some much needed 4g LTE network speeds. These two changes not only bring the iPhone 5 up to the modern standard of speed set by smart phones, but combined with its sleek and elongated metallic design, make the iPhone 5 one extremely attractive smart phone.

So, are you still asking the question iPhone 4 or iPhone 5?

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Fashion Cycles of the Cell Phone: History Tells All

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James Laver, an English art historian and author of Taste and Fashion (published 1945) developed a “law” of the cycle of fashion as follows:

After our post on Fashion and Technology, we got to thinking that this cycle might apply to technology just as well as fashion. With the recent release of the iPhone 5, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the history of cell phone fashion to see which originally “high tech” phones have reached the point of “romantic” or “dowdy.”  This is of course our own opinion, so if you have other examples, submit them in the comments below! Also, needless to say, cell phones haven't been around long enough to go back 150 years in time. The selections below are therefore not chronologically accurate but fun...


If "indecent" means 10 years before it's time, then this phone might just be the definition. Who would have ever predicted that our phones would go from huge to tiny and then back to huge? Well, the Galaxy Note II (scheduled for release in the US this fall) marks this trend clearly. This thing is huge!  If you can’t palm a basketball you may not be able to hold this to your ears without two hands. It'll definitely be useful for taking notes and watching movies. (via Cnet)


Vertu Boucheron. Solid gold phone. What an opportunity they had! How did it turn out looking like a crumpled paper bag?  We don’t think this one will make its way through the fashion cycle. Mr. Laver forgot to make a fashion cycle category called “bling”  for this bad boy! Via Engadget


history of iphone cell phones

AKA “cutting edge.”  The iPhone 5. Though, in a year everyone will have one, and it will drop into the “current” fashion cycle, below. Get it now, and you’re ahead of the curve. Image via TechRadar


history of iphone cell phones

iPhone 4S. Sleek and useful, but widely used and accepted. This is a “smart” look. Not too trendy, but certainly not outdated…yet. Give Apple a couple more years, though, and this will quickly drop down a few fashion cycles.


fashion history of cell phone blackberry

Blackberry. Long-time must-have for the high-power professional (or even if you just wanted to look important). Has since trickled down to the high school-age kids. Really, is HS that hectic these days?


fashion history of cell phone nokia

Nokia 3300. Am I playing video games or making a call?! (Inspiration for Nokia phones thanks to an incredible photo history found on While "hideous" might be a bit harsh...somehow, someone designed a phone that looked like an old SEGA or Nintendo controller from ages ago!


Okay, we had to post this. We all know Zach Morris from "Saved By the Bell," but his clunker cell phone might be even more infamous. This thing is the definition of ridiculous but back then he made it look cool!


samsung history of cell phones

Samsung Trill. Buttons, buttons everywhere!  These slider phones are totally fun to play with.


motorolla flip phone history

Motorola flip phone. Remember when these were so cool because they were so compact compared to the generation of brick phones that came before?  It was nice when girls could finally fit their phones in their clutch! How quaint they seem now.


Nokia 5110. Ok we think its charming because this was one of our first phones and cell phones became more fashionable!  You have to admit this phone is pretty iconic. And those colors! They even sold different skins for the front!


Car phone. It was a thing we all thought only came in Limousines or in Michael Corleone's car. It was for jet setters in the 80's, gangsters from the Godfather or that Grey Poupon commercial people.  Who would have thought 30 years later we would all be carrying a phone in our pockets? That's why the car phone was Romanic, it was classy and cool.


Fashion is supposed to become beautiful after 150 years? Cell phones haven’t been around long enough! Although, come to think of it Apple, might have created a beautiful cell phone 150 years before its time. But, when we look back at old Best Buy ads a century from now, do you think the iPhone will stand the test of time?

cell phones from 1996

Have a good phone for any of these categories? Post below! We'd love to hear from you.


Written by Christiana Lackner, graduate student in Interaction Design at Carnegie Mellon University, lover of beautifully and smartly designed things, member of the Casepops team.

Featured image via:

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Welcoming an Empty Wallet

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dunkin donuts app payment via casepops

What will our wallets hold in the future?

Remember cash? What happened to using that? Before the rise of credit cards, many stores only accepted cash (McDonald's was one of them!) Right now, though, credit cards are so pervasive that it's hard to imagine a consumer world with out them. But, things are changing.

Ask any fashion conscious female about one of the biggest pains-in-the-neck she faces and you'll undoubtedly hear about the burden of switching hand bags. Because, obviously, not every bag works with every outfit, our fashion conscious friends have to swap them on a regular basis. What comes with swapping? Organizing the wallet, getting credit cards, gift cards, library cards (?) in order, throwing away receipts, and doing who knows what else. Imagine, though, if that whole process could be eliminated and one could simply drop an iPhone into a different bag, knowing everything one could need was on it.

If a few companies have their way, that idea could become a reality. We may no longer even need to carry credit cards. Soon, we'll be welcoming the idea of having an empty wallet.

It's a fact, people love donuts. Looking to make us love donuts even more, Dunkin Donuts recently revealed their official Dunkin Donuts App. As the official press release says:

With the new Dunkin’ App, paying for food, beverages, and merchandise at Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants throughout the U.S. is as simple and speedy as scanning your smartphone using a mobile Dunkin’ Donuts Card in-store or at the drive-thru.

What's that? We won't even need to carry our wallet to purchase sweet, delicious donuts and coffee anymore? Count us in! We always have our iPhones on us, so it makes sense that Dunkin Donuts would take advantage of our habit. Dunkin's Chief of Global Marketing and Innovation, John Costello, is clearly on the same page as us and we appreciate it: "We know that our guests rely on their mobile devices now more than ever, and we are glad to provide them with this exciting new service in a way that is uniquely Dunkin."

Many smartphones these days have built in technology to help make the credit card-less wallets even more of a possibility. The technology is called NFC (Near Field Communication) and it basically turns your phone into a radio transmitter, compatible with any near by sensor. Though Dunkin Donuts' app is an awesome innovation, in some ways, there has been an NFC-based alternative for some time now! Certain retailers have had stations for Google Wallet installed in recent months, turning NFC-enabled smartphones into a credit cards. How cool is that?

[caption id="attachment_1034" align="aligncenter" width="676"]Google Wallet via casepops Google Wallet turns your smartphone into a credit card.[/caption]

It would seem then that the only thing holding back the "wallet-less revolution" would be the amount of NFC-enabled smartphones and installations of compatible "swipe stations" in retail stores. Luckily, the coming iPhone 5 is rumored to have a NFC chip in it, putting the power of a virtual wallet into the palm of a new generation of smartphone users. We'll see...wouldn't that be great?

But, for now, what other credit card-less solutions are available to us? Much like Dunkin Donuts' effort to bring payment to the mobile sphere, the coffee giant, Starbucks, recently announced a partnership with mobile payment technology, Square. What does this mean for Starbucks customers? According to The New York Times report, things are about to get futuristic!

At first, Starbucks customers will need to show the merchant a bar code on their phones. But when Starbucks uses Square’s full GPS technology, the customer’s phone will automatically notify the store that the customer has entered, and the customer’s name and photo will pop up on the cashier’s screen. The customer will give the merchant his or her name, Starbucks will match the photo and the payment will be complete.

Notice a trend here? Again, this technology means we won't need our wallets in the future! What a strange thing to think about. What if wallets just became places to store driver's licenses? Hey, while we're at it, maybe even those could be stored on a smartphone too!

pay with square app via casepopsYou can be sure the new technology will come with its share of naysayers. Naysayers aside, this technology could also present a few challenges, though. What if your smartphone's battery runs dry when you really, really had your heart set on buying an Orange Mocha Frappuccio and you weren't carrying a wallet or credit card? First of all, this would be silly. But, in reality, relying on smartphone batteries could turn into somewhat of an issue for those hoping to go completely wallet-less.

What do you think? Would you ditch the wallet? Would you leave your credit cards at home if you knew that your iPhone alone could suffice?


Written by Chris Richards, a marketing and technology enthusiast, and member of the Casepops team. You can find him on Twitter @seerichards.

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When Will Two Screens Become One (with Each Other?)

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You know we've been huge fans of the Summer Olympics during the past couple weeks, keeping our eyes glued to the screen (we especially love Oscar Pistorius). But all this TV viewing got us thinking: there must be a better way to incorporate the thing we keep on us at all times, the iPhone, with the thing we enjoy watching after a long day of work, TV!

[caption id="attachment_889" align="alignleft" width="200"]Xfinity's app is a great example of second screen tech via Casepops Xfinity's Second Screen app in action.[/caption]

With a recent Pew Survey on "Connected Viewing," we learned that we're not the only ones who keep our phones around all the time, even while watching TV. Out of those surveyed, Pew reports that "38% of cell phone owners used their phone to keep themselves occupied during commercials or breaks in something they were watching" But, we have to ask, when will the two screen experience we've gotten used to really evolve into something useful? When will the phone and TV provide one consistent experience?

More than one third of us are using a phone while sitting in front of our TV? Why isn't there a better integration of what's happening on TV with what's happening on our smart phones? We already fantasized about the possibility of smart windows in our homes of the future, but what about the future possibility of a more interconnected and enjoyable "two screen experience" in our homes?

Why do we use our phones while watching TV anyways? Is it out of habit, compulsion, or just boredom?  Whatever the reason, it's clear that second screen viewing is here to stay.

Chris Reif of Neiman, a marketing agency in Philadelphia, has the ideal future of second screen viewing nailed down in his latest blog post on connected viewing:

Imagine watching a show with a synced timeline on your device that gives an actor bio when he walks on screen. Or divulges that the helicopter shot you are viewing took ten days and $500,000 to shoot. Or allows you to see behind-the-scenes video of the 3d animation techniques utilized for a scene. Or lets you “get the look” by offering links to the tech products and fashion we see our idols use and wear each week. All without disturbing the content on the big screen.

Tech Crunch columnist Somrat Niyogi, founder of Miso, one of the original second screen apps begs "Please Don't Ruin the Second Screen" adding his own ideas for the future of a seemless TV/phone experience:

...the TV is no longer a dumb device. What this means is that in the future, we can have Bluetooth-like experiences with our TV.

You come home and turn on your TV, and your phone knows the TV is on and knows what’s playing. This enables a new level of seamless communication and messaging.

How awesome would that be? That's the future of connected viewing right there, folks! And while we love the ideas suggested above, we had a few of our own on how to make a unified TV/phone two screen experience even more awesome!

  • Imagine admiring the clothes that your favorite actor/actress are wearing in a sitcom. Where did they get them? What brand are they? With a truly connected two screen app, you'd be presented with a link to Amazon or another website to buy their wardrobe as soon as they walked on scene!
  • What if your Twitter app's feed automatically displayed a show's official Hash Tags when you started watching it? Many shows display a Hash Tag in the corner of their broadcast already, this would just make the process automatic.

Actually, there are already some apps, like Xfinity's TV guide app, that are allowing great, real time interaction between our TVs and phones, but there's certainly room for more innovation! Sports fans looking for an awesome second screen experience should rejoice over a Philly start-up called OneTwoSee. Available for your smart phone or laptop, the app shows real-time information for sports games on networks that partner with the company. A true sports fan would probably have a website open anyways while watching, so why not provide everything he or she is looking for right within an app? That's the thinking behind OneTwoSee, and it seems to really understand what users want in a cohesive second screen experience!

[caption id="attachment_901" align="aligncenter" width="670"]OneTwoSee Second Screen App via Casepops OneTwoSee provides an awesome two screen experience for sports fans![/caption]

Are you one of the 38% using a phone while watching TV? If so, what do you find yourself doing with it? As people who take our phones everywhere, we're curious as to how everyone else uses them!

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