Best of 2013 CES: Favorite Gadgets from the Show

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The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a huge yearly event in Las Vegas. In fact, more than an event, it's practically a city that pops up in the Las Vegas convention center each January, hosting more than 150,000 guests. But why do they come? To see the latest in technology innovation from some of the largest (and smallest) tech companies from around the world.

CES 2013 Best Gadgets

This year, though Casepops (sadly) didn't attend CES, we wanted to share a couple of our favorite gadgets that we considered best of CES 2013. With such great coverage from many popular news outlets, it was easy to follow along and feel like we were right there in sunny Las Vegas all the way from Pittsburgh. In the end, we think these gadgets best represent the entrepreneurial spirit of CES, and love to see people pushing technology forward in this way. Here's what we liked best:

1. Best Screen: Tactus Dynamic Touch Screen

Talk about next generation. This technology, as demonstrated by Bright Side of News, boggles our mind and has to be one of the best innovations we've seen in a while. The debate about touch screen (iPhone) vs. physical buttons (Blackberry) could end once and for all if this tech were able to be added to phones of the future.

Basically, as soon as you touch a phone's keyboard to type (a text or anything) the special screen fills from beneath, creating small firm buttons where there would usually be a flat screen. As soon as you touch away from the keyboard, the liquid-filled buttons just dissolve back into the screen!


2. Best Wearable Tech: The Pebble Smart Watch

Though it may have started as a small Kickstarter project (we love those too), the Pebble Watch was a hit at this year's CES, and is definitely one of our pics for "best of CES." Why? Because it incorporates design, fashion, and technology into an elegant and useful product.

Additionally, Mashable reports that the Pebble is the only smart watch out there to use an E-ink display, like the ones you find in Kindles and E-readers. That means it's inexpensive ($150) and function with extremely long battery life and high readability, even in bright sunlight.

Don't believe that this little thing is worthy of some mention? Check out its specs!

  • Load apps using Bluetooth
  • 144 x 168 pixel display black and white e-paper
  • Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR and 4.0 (Low Energy)
  • 4 buttons
  • Vibrating motor
  • 3 axis accelerometer with gesture detection
  • Distribute apps via Pebble watchapp store

pebble watch ces 2013

3. Best Stalking Device: "I'm Here" Tracking Device

While GPS has become commonplace in our society thanks to smartphones and in-car devices, no device has so blatantly said, "Stalk me" like the I'm Here tracking device.

The device is pretty self-explanatory. It can be used by people to keep track of luggage on a flight, loved ones, or valuable items. Theoretically, you could drop the small box anywhere and keep track of its whereabouts from anywhere using your iPhone. It will cost you $160 up front, but you can locate it up to 200 times for free, according to Mashable.

im here gps tracking device ces

To us, the best of CES 2013 aren't necessarily the most technologically advanced of the bunch. Instead, our favorite gadgets this year combine fashion, functionality, and technology seamlessly. Seeing these, we're excited for the future of tech and fashion, aren't you?

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Meet Gabe and Brit, Co-founders of Casepops!

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Good things come to those who wait. Right?

Gabe and Brit, Co-founders of CasepopsWe promise, Casepops products are launching soon! Just a couple years ago, If you had told us that we would be on the verge of releasing a brand new product to the world, we wouldn't have believed you. But seriously! The truth is that our story is not the typical Silicon Valley, tech-miracle type of startup story. But, we like that.

We have taken pride in remaining grounded in reality as we've developed this company from just an idea into something we hope many will soon have the chance to enjoy.

Along the way, we took a trip to Las Vegas for the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. To those who haven't heard of it, think of it as the ultimate gathering for anyone remotely related to technology and innovative products. It was mind-blowing, to say the least, but we were very excited to see that our product idea remained unique, even at the most popular trade show on earth!

We shot some video while exploring the sights and sounds of Vegas and CES, and wanted to share it with our friends and followers to give you all a better sense of how we've worked (and played) together to bring this product to reality! Enjoy!

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Are we living in the future yet? This transparent LCD makes us feel like it!

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Have you ever thought, "Man, when will we ever get all those cool things we've been seeing in the movies? When will we start living in the future?" As a start-up focused on design and innovation, we certainly have. We're always thinking about the future, and finding inspiration in any outlet we can.

A world dominated by glowing touch screens, navigated by hand motions and simple gesture has been romanticized in nearly every sci-fi movie for decades. Yet, how many people do you know now, in 2012, that have ever laid eyes (let alone hands) on such technology? Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, Tom Cruise went crazy because he got to experience the potential of this amazing future in Minority Report and then couldn't deal with the dullness of reality? All joking aside, we do certainly live "in the future" when compared to even as few as ten years ago. After all, nearly every person now carries a computer, music player, camera, Rolodex, and video game system (all in one!) on them everywhere they go.

[caption id="attachment_489" align="aligncenter" width="600"]When will we have touch screens like this? Casepops wants them now! When do I get to be like Tom Cruise?[/caption]

But, every so often a technology comes along that makes us go, "WHOA!" Every so often, a technology truly feels futuristic and forward-thinking. In 2007, it was the iPhone from Apple, the impact of which we discussed last week. Today, I want to highlight a technology that Casepops witnessed first-hand during the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.

Samsung's Transparent Smart Window is something out of Minority Report, for sure. Encountering it while walking the floor of CES, we were drawn to it like flies to a porch light. It's just awesome. But don't take our word for it, check out this minute-long preview of the futuristic, transparent LCD technology.

How can you not be impressed by that? How can it not get your mind considering the possibilities for future applications? For those that didn't watch the video, Samsung has demonstrated a simple, intuitive interface that is built within a transparent touch-enabled glass "monitor." In this case, the glass serves as a normally functional window with the added functionality of a smart phone loaded with apps. It's funny, but I was actually most amazed by the "virtual blinds" more than any of the demonstrated apps. It's odd to think of the black color of an LCD being used to block out light, but it works! Would my parents jump for this new tech? Probably not. But, it's easy to see how this would appeal to the next generation of home owners who grew up on iPhones, apps, and always-on connectivity.

Casepops was impressed by the virtual blinds!

Obviously, we're excited for what the future holds. The rate at which technology changes is truly astounding. But, then again, the more things change, the more they stay the same. In the case of actually buying a brand new "Smart Window," the age-old threat of ball-playing neighborhood kids is only more apparent! Sam Biddle at Gizmodo sums it up nicely:

Just make sure your neighborhood baseball-slugging kids are at a safe distance when this thing arrives someday, or never.

What technology makes you go, "WOW!" and sends your mind dreaming of the future? Could you see yourself using something like this Smart Glass? Let us know in the comments below!

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What is CES? Casepops Reviews the 2012 Show

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The Consumer Electronics ShowWe headed to Vegas in January not to gamble (we did gamble) not to get married (no we didn’t get married) but to check out the Consumer Electronics Show!  But, what is CES? CES is a huge trade show held each January in Las Vegas, Nevada that focuses only on technology and tech-related gadgets.  The show previews and announces some of the industry's coolest new products. In the end, there were over 153,000 people that attended the show!  It was like being at a high end Best Buy/Bang-Olufsen meets Urban Outfitters store on steroids!  If you’re a fan of new and exciting technology then you definitely need to plan for this event.  What more could people who are into technology want other than 35 football fields full of electronics?  At every booth you’ll find a welcoming and beautiful lady (not wearing very much) that is ready to show you all of the (her) amazing Canon’s new DSLR or the new OLED TV’s!

With all of the hype comes big name companies such as Ferrari, Samsung, Nikon, and Monster. And, of course, we were there representing Casepops! Many of the companies will even pay for big time celebrities to help promote their brand such as, 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake, Will Smith, Kelly Clarkson, LL Cool J, Eliza Dushku, and of course Snooki and Pauly D.  This also means top dollar booths at the show range from thousands to millions of dollars.  Many of these companies build out an entire store on the floor to give the CES participants the best experience possible. It is certainly a show worthy of being held in Vegas. CES has introduced some of the world's most recognized products over the last 42 years, with introductions such as the VCR in 1970, Camcorder and CD Player in 1981 and the DVD in 1996.

CES Show Floor

So, if you're at CES, don’t blink your eyes because you might miss the Olympic gymnasts and skiers flipping 15 feet in the air on a trampoline only to demonstrate that these ear phones really stay in!  The companies went all out this year and they certainly got our attention.  This event is not open to the general public, but all you have to do is become a CES member to get access.  If you would like more information about CES check out their website:

Stay tuned for our video of Casepops at CES 2012, and hopefully we'll see you at the 2013 CES :)

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