MIO Alpha: Making Our Hearts Skip a Beat

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If you've been following us along our journey as a startup, you'll know that, at Casepops, we are fans of a few things. Fashion, innovation, creativity and Kickstarter. Probably because it ends up tying all our favorite things together, we often turn to Kickstarter projects for inspiration.

This time, we fell in love with the MIO Alpha - a heart rate monitor dubbed "the holy grail of heart rate". After pledging to fund the Kickstarter project for this awesome device, we finally received our own - You could say our hearts skipped a beat with excitement when this thing arrived! Take a look!

Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Unbox Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Unbox Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Unbox Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Unbox

What makes the MIO Alpha so special, though? It's an entirely touch-free take on the traditional heart rate monitor. Usually, such devices require strapping an awkward thing around your body or hooking something special to your arm. The Alpha completely foregoes this requirement, making the process of tracking your heart rate during exercise as simple as putting on a watch.

Plus, look at that awesome packaging. This device is stylishly packaged and looks nice around your wrist. What's not to like?

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