Meet Gabe and Brit, Co-founders of Casepops!

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Good things come to those who wait. Right?

Gabe and Brit, Co-founders of CasepopsWe promise, Casepops products are launching soon! Just a couple years ago, If you had told us that we would be on the verge of releasing a brand new product to the world, we wouldn't have believed you. But seriously! The truth is that our story is not the typical Silicon Valley, tech-miracle type of startup story. But, we like that.

We have taken pride in remaining grounded in reality as we've developed this company from just an idea into something we hope many will soon have the chance to enjoy.

Along the way, we took a trip to Las Vegas for the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. To those who haven't heard of it, think of it as the ultimate gathering for anyone remotely related to technology and innovative products. It was mind-blowing, to say the least, but we were very excited to see that our product idea remained unique, even at the most popular trade show on earth!

We shot some video while exploring the sights and sounds of Vegas and CES, and wanted to share it with our friends and followers to give you all a better sense of how we've worked (and played) together to bring this product to reality! Enjoy!

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November 11, 2012

Thanks, Kathie! Glad you liked the video :)

Kathie Green
Kathie Green

November 10, 2012

Getting sooooo excited. Go Casepops, Go Casepops, Go Casepops!!!! Great video too. :)

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