Apple 2012 New Product Round-Up

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New Apple Product Round-Up

In case you haven't been able to keep up, Apple has announced TEN refreshed products since September. Here's our Apple 2012 new product round-up, including the iPhone 5 and latest iPad mini. It's kind of overwhelming, but we need to keep you up-to-date!

At Casepops, we love iPhones, and we've actually already spoken about the iPhone 5 vs. the older iPhone 4 and 4S. But what about all of the nine other products that have been announced recently? They deserve some attention too! Take a look at the chart below from Wikipedia's timeline of apple products if you don't believe that there were actually that many introduced! We forgive you if you forgot about the Mac Mini.

[caption id="attachment_1825" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Timeline of Apple Inc. products   Casepops So many Apple products![/caption]

So, iPhone 5 aside, what else is worth pointing out about Apple's latest release schedule? You might see another iPad in the mix there, and that's a new one! Even though Apple recently released the 3rd generation iPad, at its latest conference it also surprisingly let the public know about an even better, more advanced iPad. As ABC Australia reports, Apple has essentially made the 3rd generation iPad "obsolete":

...One of the few surprises to come out of the launch was the news that Apple would indeed make the six-month old 3rd generation iPad the redundant model; alongside the iPad Mini and 4th generation LTE capable iPad, the iPad 2 survives as a budget model, but not the 3rd generation model.

iPad mini

With the announcement of the much anticipated iPad Mini, this news kind of slipped under the radar for many casual consumers. But, surely, the ones who purchased an iPad 3 noticed.

The iPad Mini comes into play seemingly to rival what many Android-based tablets are doing: power in a small form factor. Bigger than a smartphone, but smaller than a laptop, mid-sized tablets have been on fire lately. So, it makes sense that Apple would try to enter the space with another beautifully designed product.

What else? Another announcement that seemed to be drowned-out by the iPhone and iPad Mini announcements was the news that Apple would be refreshing the now classic iMac line of desktop computers. The release images were jaw-dropping. Shot at such an angle, the pictures show off the amazing engineering feats Apple was able to pull off. At its thinnest, the new iMac is only 5mm thin! It's almost scary.

New iMac is 5mm thin on edge

Additionally, the classic Macbook has been refreshed to include a Retina screen, bringing the once "standard" laptop up into the more premium "pro" feature set. As Apple says in their new commercials, with the new line-up they "want to bring out the Pro in all of us."

Something mentioned earlier, the Mac Mini, has always been an intriguing product. It has never seemed to reach "mainstream" appeal, but at the same time, it seems so innovative and potentially awesome. It's just under-appreciated. Sure, the Mac Mini might not have all the marketing hype behind it that the iPhone has, but it's still a great product and it is nice to see Apple continuing to innovate. The newest one won't disappoint anyone looking for power in an extremely compact and versatile form factor.

Apple Mac Mini

Oh yeah, how could we forget. There are new iPods too! The product that put Apple in the homes of millions has a new look and we love it. Both the iPod Touch and iPod Nano have been redesigned this year, with the Touch looking more and more like an iPhone (and acting like one too). Some observant people called out that the new Nano looks a lot like an mp3 player from 2007, and while we can't disagree, it's good to see that Apple is providing different style options for its fans. Not everyone wants something that looks like an iPhone.

New iPod touch and Nano 2012

If you need a detailed compairson, take a look at CNET's side by side comparison of the new iPod Touch and iPod Nano.

Phew, that was a lot. Hopefully, that sums up Apple's new products briefly enough to make sense of it all. Remember, we love iPhones and Apple products here at Casepops, so never hesitate to ask for our opinion on the latest!

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