Top tech tools to help you stay healthy

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Top Tech Tools To Help You Stay Healthy WordpressTechnology has the power to transform many aspects of our every day lives. Just think about the fact that regular glass windows might soon transform into "smart" screens and that road trips no longer have to be so strenuous or boring. Certainly, we believe that technology even has the power to transform fashion here at Casepops. But there's one aspect of technology influencing our lives that we haven't mentioned yet - health!

The market for technological solutions to society's health problems is huge, and we're lucky to be living in a time when technology has become so intertwined with our everyday health. So, without further introduction, we thought we'd share our top technology tools to help you stay healthy!

1. Nutrition Data

Nutrition Data might not be the most fun tool of the bunch, but this website that was recently acquired by Self Magazine provides some of the most comprehensive health and food information out there!

nutrition data healthy tool

When trying to get healthier, food can have the biggest impact on your success. So, we like to stick to the expert information on this site to check out how healthy we're eating.

2. BodyMedia Health Monitor

Technology is at its greatest when it provides information that would otherwise be inaccessible to a user. In this case, the BodyMedia arm band and fitness platform provide insane detail into your every day health.

body media fitness tech

"BodyMedia FIT Armbands automatically track the calories burned during your daily activities, works as a fitness monitor to measure the intensity of your workouts and monitors the quality of your sleep, an important factor in weight loss."

This tool goes way beyond the average pedometer or our parents' time. In fact, you can think of it as an always-on healthy activity monitor, as any activity you do is automatically logged in BodyMedia's Activity Manager! Better yet, this awesome company hails from Pittsburgh too! They've received worldwide recognition with the introduction of  their lineup of products, and hope to see them become even more successful.

3. Map My Run

Since we're on the topic of monitoring our health with technology, we can't skip out on one of the best uses of technology for encouraging exercise. Map My Run started as a website a few years ago, letting users enter in exact running routes they had taken around their city, neighborhood, or basically anywhere Google Maps provides access. Since then, it's evolved into a more comprehensive running tool, allowing users to download a mobile app and track their runs in real time!

map my run mobile app

Using the app, your phone's GPS will track your location and record your path. From there, you can share it with your friends, or just keep track of how many miles you've run. Or, say you forgot your phone to record a run, you could return home to map out the path you took from memory and find out how far you actually went!

4. Adidas miCoach

Another awesome tracking tool to round out the list comes from Adidas. It's called miCoach, and if you're an athlete, then this thing is for you!


Similar to the Map My Run and BodbyMedia tracking technology, miCoach records every action you take while wearing a sensor in your shoes. In the video above, the athletes have miCoach installed in their soccer cleats. At the end of their workout, all the important data from their training is uploaded to their phones. Talk about motivation! The idea is to compare yourself to your performance in previous workouts, encouraging you to keep going and keep getting better.

5. Weight Watchers Online Tools

Last, but not least, we return to an awesome nutritional tool. Keeping up to date with current technology, Weight Watchers now offers an awesome interactive tool to help you get healthy and lose weight, all online!

weight watchers online tool and casepops

Following Weight Watcher's Points Program, you can track your progress in the program an exercise to compliment it. Better yet, like all of the technology we've mentioned, you can keep track of your progress on the go! Everything these days is mobile, so it's no wonder that Weight Watchers offers a mobile solution to help you stay fit and on course to a healthier life.

What technology have you found to make exercising easier? Has any tech tool made getting healthier less of a pain for you? Let us know!

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