Ouya: Innovation and the Future of Gaming

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At Casepops, we often think about the future. We've pondered the future of LCD technology, the future of fashion, and even the future of our own wallets. As a company focused on impacting the future convergence of fashion and technology, anything that comes along and stirs up an established norm really gets us thinking about the future. That being said, we're extremely excited to see a new game-changing (literally!) technology introduced to the well-established video game console scene. We all know about Xbox, Playstation, and Wii, but many have grown tired of their age-old domination over the market. In the scheme of things, we're ready for some creative disruption, and hopefully this device will be the one to introduce a new wave of creativity and innovation to our homes.

It's called Ouya, and it has recently made quite a splash on Kickstarter, achieving over $8.5 million in pledged funding during its campaign. And there's a reason that the project was funded way beyond its original asking amount. People love the idea. In fact, based on the overwhelmingly positive response from fans on Kickstarter, Jared Newman of Time thinks that the Ouya should be a wake-up call for video games, and that it could greatly disrupt the current scene dominated by the traditional three companies.

Unlike Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, Ouya isn’t entrenched in the business of $60 retail discs, so it’s in a better position to disrupt the market. - Jared Newman, Time

We like disruption. We like the idea that someone came along with an idea for a better, more open gaming experience and was able to get immediate feedback through Kickstarter and fund their idea. Check out its introduction video below.


So, what makes this thing so special? Ouya is an inexpensive, open source, and beautifully designed game console. It will sell for only $99. It runs on Android, so any game you can play on an Android phone (or iPhone) would, in theory, work immediately with Ouya. Except, the games and apps will be displayed on your TV. We can all imagine how even more addictive Angry Birds would become when projected up on your home's nice 50'' plasma screen! Ouya will bring a more open, flexible approach to gaming and home entertainment, and it's easy to see how it could become the all-in-one device for the living room.

Though, not all is fine and dandy for the up and coming game system. TG Daily brings us back to reality, asking "What if the Ouya never materializes?" The way Kickstarter works, the $99 many people pledged through the site does not actually pay for the game console as it would in a retail store. It's more of an investment in something that may not actually materialize. And in this case, it's up to the producers to follow through with their promised product.

Good and bad speculation aside, and based on what we've heard, Ouya should be available in April 2013, and it is now available for pre-order on the Ouya website.

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