5 Tech Accessories for the Modern Student

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Kids want tech via casepopsIt's that time of year again. Everyone has it on their minds, even if they're not participating, because back to school season is upon us! For those still in grade school, the time is probably exciting but scary. For those in college, it's even more exciting to get back to football, parties, and don't forget, studying. And for those who have entered the "real world," it can be a bit depressing! No matter what stage of life you're in, though, there has to be something to make back to school season more fun! Right?

First of all, according to Mashable, kids want tech, not clothing to ease their back to school nerves. In fact, 42% of them wanted something "high tech" for school! With this in mind, we've put together a list of things that can be bought to make the back to school season a little more enjoyable. There is always that one thing that you can get excited about using, that thing that somehow makes going back to school more bearable. (Back in the day, those Koosh Ball pencil toppers were pretty exciting stuff) Hopefully some of these 5 helpful tech accessories gets you excited to get back into the swing of things!

Astrid Task App for back to school via casepopsAstrid Task App -What's the biggest worry when entering back to school season? Keeping your schedule straight! Having come out of the lazy summer months of hanging by the pool, organization is usually the last thing on our minds. Tech Crunch put together a list of other apps that will make you fall in love with your phone for back to school season, but we think the Astrid Task app could actually make you enjoy completing pesky tasks as you get back into the swing of things. The app lets you invite other people to join in the task, and even add due dates to certain tasks. In our opinion, there's nothing better than the feeling of checking something off your to-do list!



hot pink ti-84 calculator via casepopsCustom Color TI-84 Calculator - Can math class be cool? We think so...with the right gear! At some point during education, teachers begin suggesting that students go out and buy high-tech, scientific calculators. The problem is, these things look like relics from a NASA engineer's backpack! The classic Texas Instruments scientific graphing calculator has been around for so long and is so clunky and big, it's no wonder kids might be hesitant of buying one! Thankfully, some marketing genius at TI decided to start selling them in different colors. It may seem a little silly, but having a personalized calculator could make a big difference to some. Back in the day, the only way to "customize" your own was to scratch a name into it, or draw some cool design with White-Out! In an effort to make these calculators more cool, Texas Instruments has even started selling customizable color slide cases for them!


Juicy usb Bracelet via caspopsUSB Bracelet by Juicy Couture - If this were around when we were kids, we would have never lost our homework! Packed into this fashionable bracelet is a 4 GB memory stick, if you can believe it! Now that most work can be done on computers, this makes perfect sense for the high-tech, yet fashionable, student. USB storage can be stuck in almost anything these days, so it's nice to see Juicy Couture creating a line for those looking for a fashionable option. At Casepops, we like to see fashion and technology playing nicely together. So, this USB bracelet gets a big thumbs up!


Timbuk2 customizable bag via casepopsTimbuk2 Customizable Laptop Bag - Everyone needs a bag for taking to class, right? We think that if you're going to carry something on a daily basis, you might as well look good while doing it! Timbuk2 comes out way ahead of the competition by offering the ability to "build your own bag" for heading back to school. Students can visit their site to choose colors, material, fabric, and style of the bag. While they're at it, they could even match the bag to their new calculator! The possibilities for personality are huge with this bag line, which is why we're recommending it to make going back to school less painful! The bag can get a bit expensive depending on how you customize it. But that's the price of fashion and personality! Back in the day, it was the monogrammed LL Bean backpack that everyone had. It's good to see that customization has come further than adding initials to a bag!


apple macbook air via casepops

Apple Macbook Air - Now that you've got a great custom designed laptop backpack, you'll certainly need an awesome new laptop to fill it! At the moment, there's nothing more stylish and fun than Apple's Macbook Air. It's the razor thin laptop that inspired a whole new generation of tiny laptops, ultra-books as they're called. Now, again, this style comes with a bit of a price tag, but what you get is truly stunning. The thing is so thin, it's been suggested that you can even cut bread with it! We're big fans of Apple products, so we have to recommend adding this great laptop to your back to school arsenal. It's bound to make typing reports or researching your big thesis more enjoyable. And, in the end, even if you're just using the Macbook Air to check Facebook in Starbucks, you're bound to get longing looks from anyone passing by!

Take our advice. Make back to school season more enjoyable by picking something to be excited about! Whether it's a brand new laptop or just a new, clean notebook and pen, there's bound to be something that gets you excited to jump back into learning.

Let us know. What are you most excited about using this year?

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