When Fashion and Technology Meet

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If we don't need keys, why do you need pockets?  ... How will fashion and technology marry each other?

Will I Am is on to something (though I think I will always love pockets), but the intersection of fashion and technology is not all that new. Fashion is quite good at taking advantage of new technologies and vice versa. With the pace of technology changing just as fast as the winds of fashion, the two make a good pair. Here's a look at some fashionable technology and high-tech fashion...we'll let you be the judge of whether or not the marriage works.

Technology that is Fashionable | Headphones, USBs, and a Digital Clutch

Headphones have been a medium for fashion since the early days of portable music players. Skull Candy and Beats by Dre are two companies that come to mind.  Admittedly, though, you wouldn't wake up in the morning and just throw on some headphones to complete your outfit... more likely you'd put on a watch. Check out the handsome looking watch, not bad considering it doubles as a USB stick (via gadgetgrid.com). What about arm candy, that can hold up to 1 GB of data?   Striped bracelet and colored bracelets via engadget.com and dailycandy.com.  Even Juicy Couture is going hi-tech (see our post: 5 Tech Accessories for the Modern Student). Ladies, you can never have enough clutches in your collection, right?  But what to do when you're headed to the coffee shop to do some work? Laptops don't fit into elegant clutches. Solution: marry the two! Vivian Tam and HP joined forces to create a "digital clutch" (via popgadget.net).  Only drawback?  Digital lip gloss technology hasn't been perfected yet. And for the gents - you'll be the talk of the party with the USB cufflinks (via likecool.com).

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Fashion that is Hi-Tech | Fantastic Fabrics and Hugging Shirts

Now, the flip side- how does the fashion industry take advantage of technology? Issey Miyake's gravity-defying pleats weren't possible until he developed thermoplastic fabric in the 1990s. Once the technology was refined, sculpture-like clothing became his specialty. See more about Issey Miyake's pleats on designboom's review of the Spring 2012 Issey Miyake/Irving Penn exhibit in Tokyo.

What if your clothes could cover you AND dispense your medication? Thanks to medicine-releasing fabric by Schoeller Textil, it's possible!  (via ecouterre.com.) Similarly,  Nano Dew Shirts by Japanese textile manufacturer Kanebo Spinning contain vitamin E and enzymes to reduce signs of aging. (via Forbes.)

Need a hug, but friends are far away? Problem solved with the Hug Shirt by Cutecircuit. Micro electronics embedded in the fabric create the sensation of a hug when prompted via text messages from far away friends.

Know of any other cool examples where fashion and technology intersect?  Post in the comments below!  We'd love to hear from you.

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