Nail Art: The Microcosm of Fashion

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Colors, patterns, sparkles, ombré - cool nail art is everywhere this summer, and we're loving this method of self-expression.  Nail art is like the microcosm of fashion!  What do your nails say about you, where you're from, your hobbies? Below are some of the coolest nail art pics from the twitter feed and our (silly) guesses about the who, what, where behind these mini-fashion statements.  We also included some really fun examples from our favorite blogs:


We guess...

Occupation: Clothing boutique owner

Originally From: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Favorite Pastime: biking everywhere and finding great vintage stores

via @HayleyFrench

We guess...

Occupation: Curator, MOMA

Originally From: Tribeca, NYC

Favorite Pastime: museum hopping


We guess...

Occupation: Window Designer at Dylan's Candy Bar

Originally From: Alaska

Favorite Pastime: discovering new shades of blue from glaciers and summer skies (candy provides inspiration too :)


We guess...

Occupation: Occupying Wall Street

Originally From: Upper West Side, NYC

Favorite Pastime: Making love... not war

Inkblot Nails via Love Maegan -for a psychology-infused fashion statement!

Galaxy Nails via A Pair and a Spare - for a night of star gazing :)

Tribal patterns via Honestly WTF - notice how they mimic the pattern of the waffle cone. Happy accident?

via @tessanorton

We guess...

Occupation: student

Originally From: L.A.

Favorite Pastime: being productive!

Love on Top Nails via All the Pretty Birds - so delicate yet playful.

Fabergé Egg Nails via Park and Cube - just plain fabulous!

See these and more on our Pinterest page dedicated to nail art!

Written by Christiana Lackner, graduate student in Interaction Design at Carnegie Mellon University, lover of beautifully and smartly designed things, member of the Casepops team.

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