A Modern Age Mix-Tape

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Okay, we've talked about our love of music and our fascination with remixes before, but this latest piece of retro-inspired gadgetry just gets our heads spinning! At Casepops, we love gadgets that unlock the creative potential in people, and this one does just that.

The mix-tape. Anyone who grew up in the 80's and 90's, you know what we're talking about. Creating a mix-tape was a process, and was much more involved than the modern music blog or iTunes playlist we're so accustomed to today. Heard a song you loved? You'd have to pop in a cassette and start recording it. Do that a couple more times, share with friends, and you'd have yourself a good old fashioned mix-tape!

But, with kids these days that barely know what a "save" icon is, it's no longer possible that the modern mix-tape can survive in old-school cassette form. To be modern, it must be digital. How do you bring the mix-tape up to speed, then? With Makerbot. Take a peek at the modern mix-tape, and just try not to jump with (nostalgic) joy!

The Makerbot is a 3-D Printer that has recently become available for public purchase...and we want one, to say the least! I saw it in action at the 2012 CES, and haven't been able to get it out of my mind since then. The possibilities this device unlocks are endless, and the modern mix-tape is a perfect example of using the 3-D printer to create a "retro" object then combine it with modern technology. The beauty of the Makerbot is that anything can be thought up, designed, and "printed" by the device. As you can see below, at CES, the Makerbot was hard at work printing out a 3-D sculpture of a head!

But, back to the mix-tape. How do you actually make a modern mix-tape out of plastic? Using the Makerbot to build all the necessary parts, you simply assemble the pieces into the shape of a cassette, add in a few electronic parts (that they will supply) and BOOM, you have a USB-ready "tape" to share MP3s between friends' computers. I guess, in the end, it's just a fancy cover for a typical USB drive. But, hey! At least they're getting creative with the gadget, and making something the people can really connect to, or at least feel a little nostalgic about!

Makerbot Mixtape Assembly and Casepops

Thanks to Yaara Lancet for writing this article on PC World and revealing the awesome modern mix-tape creation to us! Music makes the world go round, and this awesome mix-tape contraption helps bridge the gap between the old-school music enthusiasts and the new iPod generation of digital music junkies. Mixing the physical world with the digital, like this, will only become more important as technology further integrates into our lives! Props to Makerbot for making this bridge possible, and for giving ordinary people the power to innovate. What would you do with the power to create your own unique objects? According to some, 3-D printing technology is so powerful that it will change our wold forever.


Written by Chris Richards, a marketing and technology enthusiast, and new member of the Casepops team. You can follow him on Twitter @seerichards.

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