Accessories: Make a Statement with Jewelry Trends

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What’s the most important part of an outfit?  Accessories, accessories, accessories! One could have a closet consisting of only one great pair of jeans, a tailored white shirt, and a black blazer and still make the outfit look different with the addition of accessories. Don’t believe us?  Please see Exhibit A - The Uniform Project:

Uniform Project Picture Book. Video by Monihan and Matheiken ( 

The Uniform Project founder Sheena Matheikan not only used accessories to look different but to make a difference in children's lives.  If that doesn’t prove accessorizing goes a long way than we give up!

Of course one of the best ways to accessorize is with jewelry. But these days it’s less about the jewels and more about colors, metals, spikes, and geometry. So, we prefer to call it arm candy (and sisters, neck candy and finger candy :) Below is a look at what’s popping up on our favorite blogs in the realm of jewelry trends these days. The overall approach seems to be multiply it!  A mix of bracelets, a smattering of rings - multiply it and make statement.

These varied looks may not surprise you, but the places you’ll find these pieces might. Can you match the designers below with the correct piece? (no cheating!)

1. Capwell  ("Jewelry should be an accessible luxury.")  2. Ax+Apple  (designs by former film props person) 3. H&M  4. Brian Burkhardt (winner of Project Accessory Season One) 5. TopShop  6. DIY Project  7. Minusey  (Korean Company) 8. Roman Luxe ("Inspired by the runway. Enhanced by technology.") 9. Ariel Gordon (publicist turned jewelry designer)


parallelogram ring via Love Aesthetics


cosmic rings via Fab

C. (bracelet)

via Natalie Off Duty


via Eat Sleep Wear


via  Saucie Glossy


leaf chain and charm necklace (Casepops' pick)

G. (necklace)

via Oracle Fox


friendship bracelets via honestly wtf


mini rose cut stacking rings via Could I Have That

1. Capwell =F   2. Ax+Apple =C  3. H&M =D  4. Brian Burkhardt =B  5. TopShop =A  6. DIY Project =H  7. Minusey =G   8. Roman Luxe = E   9. Ariel Gordon = I

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