The Beats Go On: Everything's a Remix......Almost!

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At Casepops, when it comes to music, we're fans. Music is a part of our personal and professional culture, and while creating a start-up in the heart of Pittsburgh, we've been lucky to be around such home-grown musical talent as Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, and the Black Keys! Today, we thought we'd look at music and how the act of remixing beats has influenced the scene. Many songs that are popular today owe part of their success to original, catchy tunes from the past. After all, what was catchy in the past is sure to remain catchy when remixed and "modernized" for a new audience, right?

Recognize this beat? You probably should, as it's been around in popular culture for a decades now. But I bet you didn't realize how deep it's roots actually go. Let's take a look at how remix culture has let the "beat go on" over the years.

"The 900 Number" The 45 King DJ Mark - 1987

The beat by The 45 King (DJ Mark) in "The 900 Number" is a great instrumental beat on its own, but it was also so good that it spawned at least 3 mainstream hits from popular rappers who use the catchy saxophone line as the core of their own songs.

"Let Me Clear My Throat" DJ Kool - 1996

"Party on 5th Ave" Mac Miller - 2011

But wait, did DJ Mark actually play the saxophone? Did he create that infectious tune? No! If you trace the beat's roots even further back, we find the source of all the preceeding hip-hop hits - one small baritone saxophone part of a jazz standard by Marva Whitney called "Unwind Yourself."

"Unwind Yourself" Marva Whitney - 1960s

And, of course, our favorite master of the modern remix is Girl Talk. As a Pittsburgh native, he's made a name for himself as the go-to guy for taking many different songs and bringing them together into one cohesive tune. Talk about innovation!

"Let it Out" Girl Talk - 2010

How many different songs can you count in that one song of his alone? Lots, that's how many.
Finally, as if you hadn't been overdosed on remixes already, everyone should check out this video series that inspired the post to begin with. It's called "Everything's a Remix" and it will make you think twice about everything you hear, watch, or read from now on. Check it out!

Everything is a Remix Part 1 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Have you noticed any old songs making their way into pop culture? Know of any cool remixes out there that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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July 20, 2012

Thanks for sharing, Ben! Those are awesome sampling examples too!


July 19, 2012

Great post, the first time I got really excited about these remixes was a speaker in high school who followed a sample by Yellowman through Sublime, Boogie Down Productions, Blackstar and more.

This link is the extended version of the talk he gave and includes a list in progress of even more tracks that use the sample:

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