Feeling anti-social? We share our top 5 social apps for the iPhone!

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There's a funny thing about the modern day cell phone.
What was once seen as a device used for calling people, speaking, and communicating with our voices, has now become more of a pocket computer with "phone capabilities" attached. No one speaks to each other anymore. So, what do they do instead? They use apps. At Casepops, we're fans of iPhones (obviously!) and just thought we'd share our favorite "social apps" that we use for staying in touch with friends and family in between the hectic (and fun!) business lifestyle of a Startup.


Clearly, this is a big one on the list. Facebook is our go-to app for keeping tabs on old friends, ex-girlfriends/boyfriends, relatives, and even parents (yikes)! Though it was known to be a bit sluggish in its early stages, Facebook for iOS has been greatly improved recently. With support for the new timeline layout and higher resolution images, Facebook for the iPhone looks better than ever!

Facebook App - Social Apps by Casepops


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Well, that must be why Instagram, the extremely popular photo sharing service, has become the go-to way for friends and brands to communicate on their phones. Known for its amazing camera capabilities, the iPhone really supported the growth of this awesomely social app. We've enjoyed the personal connection a photo helps to build, and being a startup focused on design and creativity, what better way to demonstrate our love of aesthetics than through personal photos? You can find us on Instagram, posting pictures of Pittsburgh, our dogs, or anything else that happens to inspire us along the way as Casepops grows!

Instagram Social App via Casepops

Most people consider "social apps" to be apps that let you chat, message, or follow people you know. So, what better way to be "social" than to stalk the physical location of your friends and family? In general, people seem to enjoy talking about their favorite bar, restaurant, or local park, and Foursquare has been super successful in letting people share their every step outside of their house and to their favorite hangouts. Newly introduced to the Foursqure app is the idea of "social exploring." The app now emphasizes exploration by recommending places that friends have been to nearby, or suggesting if you haven't been somewhere in a long time.

Foursquare Social App via Casepops


Though it's relatively new, and its popularity has been questioned by many, there is no denying that Google+ is a great social app for the iPhone. From the beginning, Google has focused on building a social network that reflected the way people socialize in real life. Hence the emphasis on "cirlces." Mimicking real world social circles, the feature of Google+ lets users group their acquaintances into manageable spheres of conversation. You wouldn't want to share you latest wild party with your boss after all, would you? By refining the idea of social sharing, Google+ on the iPhone has grown up to serve as a great compliment to the other apps listed.

Google+ Social App via Casepops


In a small business or start-up environment, it can be tough to separate business socializing from personal socializing. But, with the power of HootSuite, an all-in-one social app manager, things become a bit more manageable! As a startup, Casepops is relying heavily on Twitter to spread the message of our company, so it's always nice to have access to our account and be able to view analytics or schedule Tweets on the go. HootSuite lets us keep tabs on both our personal and business accounts, so we're always able to remain social in both aspects of our lives!

Hootsuite and Casepops Startup


Though you're probably already using most (if not all) of these apps, we thought it would be fun to share what apps we're using to keep our iPhones buzzing with activity as Casepops grows. Be sure to check back in later for a list of our other favorite apps that keep us and our iPhones happy.

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2 Responses

Connor from HootSuite
Connor from HootSuite

July 10, 2012

Great list, thanks for sharing! We are honoured to be mentioned alongside some major players on this list.

Let us know if we can help, more importantly, HOOT ON!

-HootSuite Community


July 10, 2012

Thanks for the nice comments, Conner. We spend most of our social planning on Hootsuite and wordpress, so there was no chance we were leaving you guys out! The publisher, streams and analytics keeps all of us at Casepops organized and happy. If there are any cool tips you think we should know about, please give us the scoop :) Can’t wait to see what Hootsuite Community comes up with next.

- Gabe, Casepops

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