Kickstarter - Where Innovation and Ambition Become Reality

Posted on June 28, 2012 by casepops | 2 Comments

Kickstarter is a website where you can upload your idea and people from around the world, have the ability to help fund your project.  One inventive and successful project was the Pebble Watch. It started with the idea of having a watch link up to a smart phone via Bluetooth.  Within days of Pebble Watch being uploaded they had reached their $100K goal and at the end of 37 days they added another $10,166,845 to it! Yes, you read that correctly!  They raised over 10 million dollars (put your pinky finger up to your mouth now) to go into production.  This amount of money will facilitate a thriving company (duh) it can also get you 10 weeks on Diddy's yacht .  Kickstarter though is not limited to just technology.  There are categories ranging from art, documentaries, games, music, fashion and much more.

Why do we love kickstarter? It’s simple really; it’s where innovation meets capitalism. Gone are the days when money or narrow minds limited or crush ideas. The biggest problem with products or companies is having capital to start your business. Even after acquiring capital, ideas can be bought out by larger companies which then may direct where your product goes or how your company is run. But on kickstarter freedom is paramount. Not only do you receive your funds but the company and project are still yours. People invest not just for personal gain but because they believe in you and your vision.

Another great aspect of Kickstarter is with a certain minimum donation people get the product at a drastically reduced price (we said we believed in you, but we also believe in getting your cool product once we help you out).

Our philosophy in life is to following your dreams.  Kickstarter can be your "Golden Ticket" and here's the 'kicker' (sorry, couldn't resist) there are enough tickets for everybody! So whether your are like Charlie or even Veruca, Kickstarter can be your Willy Wonka.  Kickstarter is the modern "Dreamer of dreams"!

Here are few Kickstarter campaigns that we thought were just great!

TikTok+LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits

AUDIOWEAR = Design + Jewelry + Porcelain + ... Hip-Hop!


Heaven Adores You ( an elliott smith project )

Ministry of Supply: The Future of Dress Shirts.

Hone for iphone 4S: Never Lose Your Keys Again


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July 01, 2012

Thanks for reading the post and your comment. You have a really cute product and we hope the fashion editors think so too.

We’ve spoken to a couple of friends who’ve run campaigns and they said it’s a full time job and definitely a science. Best of luck with your campaign and your product!

Brit & Gabe

Yvonne Marston
Yvonne Marston

June 29, 2012

Loved this write-up! We are 10 days into our 45 day Kickstarter campaign…we are finding that there definitely appears to be a “science” behind a successful campaign.

Hoping to find our golden ticket….

Yvonne M.

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